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To post free ad you have to complete these step:
1/. First of all you have to choose main category. Then system automatically loads subcategories from chosen category.
When you have picked subcat, if it has groups they will shown in group select box.
2/. Second of all you have to fill in title and description. For description you have3000 allowed symbols. Below the text area you can find countdown with symbols left.
3/. Then you have to fill in your E-mail and Code fields, which are mandatory. On your e-mail address you will receive information how to edit your ad.
4/. Also you have to use optional fields: Web site, YouTube Video or to upload 3 images to your ad.
5/. When you are ready with above steps just click to "Post Free Ad" button.

No permit posting to classifieds with bad content. Post to classifieds with categories not relative to content of posting if forbidden. If you see such ads, please contact us. .

* Indicates a mandatory fields
** Alternative E-mail - email form for sending e-mail to publisher of ad. Your e-mail is safe and it's hidden from other users.