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Antique Jewellery in London

Antique Jewellery in London video

If you are tired of looking for a place to get Antique Jewellery in London, then all you need to do is visit our website and check out what all we have at the offer to bring the search to an end. Vintage Brooches, Antique Brooches, Necklaces, Bracelets, Cufflinks, Sporting Items, and Rings also Tie Pins. To get more information visit our website: (Paris) Gold and Diamond Four Leaf Clover brooch, French circa 1950•A heavy quality 18 karat yellow gold brooch in the form of a four leaf clover. Beautifully te...

date published: 19 Mar 2019     valid until: 19 Mar 2020

Fashion Illustrator London

Fashion Illustrator London video

Having a ?featured’ illustrator at your fashion show, launch party, retail store or trade show creates incredible buzz on social media and at the event itself

date published: 26 Dec 2018     valid until: 26 Dec 2019